The name Lokum is derived from the Arabic word “rahat-ul hulküm”. This word means “relieves throat”. Of the nearly 600 years since is manufactured in Anatolia. A quality delight should be elastic, leaving a soft and slippery feeling in the mouth.

Helia Lemon & Rose

The aromatic taste and smell of fresh lemons collected from the south of Anatolia add a different flavor to the delight. Lemon flavored Turkish Delight leaves a fresh taste in the mouth.

Rose is one of the most common used flavors. Fresh roses collected from the Isparta region, add a unique taste to the delight.

Helia Double Roasted Pistachio

Pistachio (origin of Middle East and Central Asia) has a very special flavor with its green color and unique taste. It is one of the most popular and preferred nuts in Turkish Delight.

If it is double roasted, roasted pistachio is cooked once again with Turkish Delight.

Helia Mastic Gum

Mastic Gum has delightful fragrance. Its resin obtained from mastic tree in Aegean region. Liquid drop gum is dried in the sun and made hard and translucent.

The pleasant smell of the Gum Mastic leaves a long-lasting effect in the mouth with Turkish Delight.

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